About us

Ideal computer institute of technology was known as Ideal computer institute before 2012. It established 2 june 2003. ICIT (Ideal Computer Institute of Technologies) Computer Centre is one of the oldest Computer Centre in Dhampur providing computer Software, Hardware and Mobile Repair Courses. We started our operations way back in 2001 with an aim of developing IT culture in our areas. We feel pride in saying that we have trained thousands of students during the last 12 years. We are giving training for Hardware and Software Courses. We have provided skill based IT professionals for various IT jobs available in Industries, Schools, Colleges and Universities. ICIT Computer Institute provides training not only to students and working professionals but also to corporates, institutions and government entities – which often face the challenge of keeping pace with.....

Always Supporting you

Wherever you are, we will bring the right expertise to maximize your potential

ICIT works for the excellence, where time flexibility is critical for success. The confidence over various training by leading experts and financial analytical capabilities with industry-specific experience.

Since every training requires a tailored training (basically a mixture of skills and experience), we’re dedicated for the highest quality provider through conceptually building blocks. We’re equipped with professional and academic experience in physics, engineering, mathematics, finance, accounting and programming.

Center of Excellence

With all state of art and equipment, ICIT Institute of Professional Studies, dedicated for training since 2003, is now became a symbol of excellence. Whether you talk about EXCEL, ADVANCED EXCEL, VBA or SAS, you’ll always forced to see our tailor made programme.

Not only with this, the programmes covering Database, CRM and ERP are also appreciated among all the corporate as well as individual training. A great reason, for making us different is only due to successful implementation and customization for all (as and when required).

We are proud to have our Brand Partners