HTML & DHTML Training

Html5 training is a combination of HTML5, HTML & CSS. This Training provide you with the concepts and skills to use HTML5, HTML, CSS effectively, You get hands-on practice working with basic through advanced techniques to get the most out of your experience. with the ICIT, html5 training, you will learn the basics of coding for web design, beginning with HTML and advancing to more complex HMTL5. HTML, CSS fundamentals along with Javascript and jquery implementation. ICIT has designed the entire html training course for basic to advance level which covers development as well as deployment of entire site.

Before joining we required to know the benefits of HTML5, HTML, CSS Training, HTML is the pre dominant mark-up language used to describe content or data on the World Wide Web and HTML5 is a mark-up language used in structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web

The term “HTML5, HTML, CSS” has additionally been used to refer to a number of other new technologies and APIs, Some of these include drawing with the canvas element, offline storage, the new video and audio elements, drag-and-drop functionality, Micro data, embedded fonts, and others. HTML5 originally start with two different specifications: Web Forms 2.0 and Web Apps 1.0. Both were a result of the changed web landscape, and the need for faster, more efficient, maintainable web applications. Forms and app-like functionality are at the heart of web apps, so this was the natural direction for the HTML5 to take. Eventually, the two speck were merged to form what we now call HTML5. To achieve the better result HTML5, HTML CSS Training help you lot to shape your career.

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