MS Office Training

(MS Office Training) helps to create impressive home and school projects. Microsoft Office is a popular software package of Microsoft Inc., which includes programs, as Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OneNote and Publisher. Each Programme has unique feature and has been meant for different purposes. The programes are organized into various tab groups and sub sections to easily understand and to work accordingly.

It also includes basic computer operation along with file management and windows administration. Learning ms office takes adequate time and practice. This course is designed for housewives, students and for those professionals who have just started career in computer or he/she would willing to learn operating computer. We emphasis on practical learning more rather than the theoretical part. While the important theory parts are also being taken care by ICIT.

ICIT MS Office Training Delivery Methods:

  • Web / Desktop Base
  • Instructor –Led Classroom Sessions
  • Presentation/ Demonstration/ Practical’s of concepts
  • Handouts/ Assignments/ Real Time Exposure to work

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