Tally Training

Tally Training is a new initiative of Tally Institute of Learning (Inc.) and is available in 2 mode (Tally Institute of Learning Basic and Tally Institute of Learning Professionals). Tally Solutions Ltd is a financial accounting package and it contains multiple kind of ERP software. Tally has now its global presence in more than 90 countries. Tally’s ERP is mainly used for vouchers, financial statements and taxation in many industries and has specialized packages for retail businesses.

ICIT offers a multidisciplinary approach for training. Tally ERP course designed by Tally Institute of Learning along with accounting standards and administration procedures. Today, TALLY, ERP is essential for every enterprise including SMEs. With our customized training, you can make your immense presence during the interview and working atmosphere.

The Online Training Courses for Tally covers right from the Basics (principles of accounting, types of accounts, and the Most Advance features of Tally (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Vouchers, ETC). All the tutorials, lessons for Tally are supplemented with proper assignments and projects which will be monitored by faculty of ICIT.

Certification of Tally Institute of Learning enable you to prove your quality training and make you ready for the first round of interview. It is also important to know that you can always opt between anyone from two courses to get startup with tally course. The first one, basica version is basically for all, but who are new to this field, and if you want to sharpen more your skills with advance taxation, project controlling, user management, administration and many more, you should opt for the advanced Tally Institute of Learning certification.

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